Plumbing Services

With over 40 years of experience serving both residential and commercial customers. They trust us to deliver a prompt and reliable and most importantly affordable solution to there plumbing problems. Our plumbers are courteous and professional and are committed to completing every job in a timely manner and to our Space Coast customers’ complete satisfaction.

Our skilled local Brevard County plumbers are ready to help you effectively diagnose, dispatch any plumbing headache.

At Auger’s Plumbing, we keep our plumbing services affordable so you get can get the solutions you need, when you need them. Whether your plumbing problem is complex or just needs routine maintenance, our local Brevard team is ready for the job. You won’t be disappointed when you leave your maintenance, repairs, and installations to our plumbing experts.

Rooter Plumbing Services

The term “rooter” used to mean a device specifically for clearing intruding roots from piping, but now it is the generic name for a drain cleaning machine. If you have any drains that need rooter service, you can be confident that we will do a thorough, professional job. Some clogs that just won’t respond to over the counter chemicals. That’s where our local team comes in.

Commercial & Residential Plumbing

We serve both business and home owners. We believe everyone deserves fast, friendly, and efficient plumbing services. We are committed to fixing your problem quickly and getting your home or business functioning normally again.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel:

Bathroom & Kitchen remodels  require the services of an experienced plumber. When you reconstruct these rooms, you are dealing with a lot of pipes, faucets and drains, and this can quickly become a huge mess if not handled properly. We can make sure your installation goes smoothly.

Drain Cleaning & Repairs:

If you are experiencing a drainage issue, it’s time to call in Auger’s Plumbing. Our specialists will diagnose your problem and provide a quick, professional solution. We use the latest technology and quality products to ensure you get the best service for your drains, whether they’re cracked and leaking, or simply clogged from lack of maintenance.