Water Efficiency in Florida

While there is not any current legislation regarding plumbing fixtures in the State of Florida, the Sunshine State does lead the South in overall water efficiency. In fact, as of May 2017,urban areas of Florida have decreased their water consumption significantly over the last 30 years. Experts believe that the use of water-efficient plumbing technologies has contributed to this decline.

To further your water conservation efforts, try these tips in your home:

  • Lather your hands in soap before turning on the water. That way, you only turn on the faucet once per wash.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Leaving it on while brushing can waste up to five gallons of water per instance.
  • Shorten your showers. This is especially true when storms like Hurricane Irma roll around. Even a five minute shower can use 15-25 gallons of water! Imagine how much a 30 minute shower consumes. To keep your shower times short, pick a song that clocks in around 4-5 minutes. Start the song right before you get in the shower, and finish up as soon as it finishes.
  • Call a plumber as soon as you notice leaks. A slow drip from your showerhead can quickly add up to gallons of water, and dollars on your water bill. Check the knobs to ensure the water is fully turned off. If the dripping persists, call  Auger Plumbing

After you finish picking up all the trees a Hurricane can knoc down, ask yourself: Is it time to replace that leaking showerhead with a more efficient model? Not sure which bathroom plumbing fixtures to add to your home? Call professional plumbers Auger’s Plumbing for assistance with your home plumbing issues, including fixture installation.